I am told "Leith is Jordin Sparks TWIN"

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For the last 5 years or so I have been told that I look and have so much of your personality. I was clicking through channels (Bored) and I came across "YOU" on "Celebrity Holiday Homes." It felt like I was looking in the mirror. Your energy, mannerism, smile is so identical to myself. It was a feeling that made me sit down and take the time to look you up.

How many twins do you have out there? Well, hopefully we may meet one day. Although I LOVE the camera, I also shy away from it...(weight issues...ugghhhh!!!!) I do have pictures online and you can Google me...Leith Spight. I work for The Container Store, which is a store of organization and I work for Publix as a Seafood Specialist. I am a very arts and crafty person as well. Seeing you get excited about helping with the Christmas wreath was so me. You are so proud of your wreath over the fireplace. I love the Christmas Tree reflecting with memories tied to the branches and the table setting...Exquisite...just beautiful.

Well Jordin til next time.

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